Dimmer for LED lamps

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Control Pushbutton
Lighted pushbuttons max. 5 / max. 10
Max. electric current 1045mA
Min. load - Max. load 1W - 120W/240W
Stand-by consumption 0,08W / 0,32W
Working temperature -10º ~ +40º
Temperature range at storage -25º ~ +70º
Dimensions 4,5 x 4,3 x 1,3
Weight (g) 30
Nominal voltage 110 VAC / 230 VAC
Operating frequency 60Hz / 50Hz
Type of protection IP-20

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This dimmer is specially developed for dimmable LED lamps. Thanks to its size and thickness (13mm), it can be installed in: 

‣ Standard mechanism box (behind the pushbutton). 

‣ Junction box. 

LAMP MEMORY: The lamps will always turn on keeping the dimming level it had previously.

POWER MEMORY: If the power turns off, when it turns on back everything stays exactly as it was.

POTENTIOMETER CONTROL KNOB: The device has a control knob that allows you to adjust the minimum lighting level, avoiding undesirable effects (e.g. flickerings) when the lamps are dimmed at low level.

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